Package nu.staldal.lsp.framework

Simple framework for web applications with LSP.


Interface Summary
Service Deprecated.

Class Summary
DBConnection Wrapper around a JDBC Connection with convenience methods.
DispatcherServlet Dispatcher Servlet for LSP framework.
EasyService Abstract base class for easy services.
RestfulDispatcherServlet Dispatcher Servlet for LSP framework with RESTful dispatching.
ServiceBase Deprecated.
ThrowawayService Abstract base class for Throwaway Service.
Utils Miscellaneous static utility methods.

Annotation Types Summary
Mandatory Indicates that a parameter is mandatory.
PageParameter A field in a EasyService with this annotation set will be automatically passed as a page parameter to the template.
Parameter Mark a field in a ThrowawayService or EasyService with this annotation to set have it automatically populated with the value of a HTTP request parameter.

Package nu.staldal.lsp.framework Description

Simple framework for web applications with LSP. This framework requires Java 1.5.