Package nu.staldal.lsp

LSP main package.


Interface Summary
LSPExtLib LSP Extension Library.
LSPPage A compiled LSP Page.
URLResolver Resolvs an URL into an XML resource.

Class Summary
ContentHandlerStartEndDocumentFilter A filter which ignores startDocument and endDocument from a SAX2 ContentHandler.
FullMap A special implementation of Map which pretends to have all possible keys.
LSPForEachStatus Used compiled LSP pages to implement the status object in for-each loops.
LSPHelper Helper class for loading and executing an LSP pages and serialize the output to a byte stream.
LSPPageBase Base class for compiled LSP pages.
LSPRunner Execute LSP pages in a stand-alone environment.
SimpleExtLib Convenience class for implementing LSP extension libraries with only empty elements.
StringHandler A SAX2 ContentHandler implementation which captures all PCDATA into a string buffer and ignore all other events.
Utils Some utility methods.

Exception Summary
LSPException An exception which occurs when compiling or executing and LSP page.

Package nu.staldal.lsp Description

LSP main package.